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Sagwan or Teak is a tall and nice looking deciduous tree. It develops well in warm atmosphere and all around depleted soil. It becomes actually in Myanmar and focal and southern India and is proliferated falsely in the Indo-Gangetic fields, and the foothills from Bengal to Haryana and Punjab on nearly lesser scale, particularly as a parkway tree. It becomes cheerfully in low tallness fields to the foothills up to 800 m.

Sagwan tree has an erect trunk, a barrel shaped bole and an umbrella like lovely crown. It has a tendency to be fluted at the base. Its bark is slender, sinewy and light chestnut or dark in shading peeling off in long thin strips. Leaves are straightforward, inverse, vast i.e. 30 to 50 cm x 25 cm, round, expansive, pointed and thick in structure. New leaves show up in May-June. Teak blossoms, which show up in July-August, are expanded, 50 to 100 cm long whitish cymes. Singular florets are little and round with measurement of around 4 mm. The natural product show up in August-September and mature amongst November and January. The seeds are little and take impressive time to sprout.

Sagwan tree has yearly development rings. It becomes rapidly in the right conditions and puts on about one inch of development in width in four to five years. It can grow up to a tallness of 45 m and a circumference of around 4 to 5 m in about 100 years when its wood is considered completely develop and appropriate for any utilization where alongside quality, great looks of the completed item are the fundamental necessity. Teak wood is thought to be one of the best timbers accessible anyplace. It weights about 20 kg to a cubic foot and its grains show excellent examples. It planes effectively and takes varnish and clean extremely well. The going business sector rate starting now is about Rs. 1,200 for every cubic foot.

Teak has numerous different uses notwithstanding being an incredible timber. Its wood contains a sort of scented oil which renders any crate or closet made in this manner repellent to white ants and different creepy crawlies. The leaves yield a sort of color which is utilized locally as a part of shading garments, edibles, and so forth. These are likewise utilized as pressing material and for making modest leaf mugs and plates and poor people groups’ umbrellas. The wood when emptied radiates a sort of gum which is utilized as a part of container masala. The juice of teak blooms is utilized for basic cool. It whets ravenousness and eases migraine and corrosiveness.

Teak woods in their unique living space like Myanmar and Indian coasts recover all alone and plentifully. In relatively less positive territories it can be brought from seed up in nurseries and transplanted when the seedling are one-year old. The new plants can likewise be engendered from cuttings in loamy soil rich in humus and having the right substance of dampness with great waste. Developed along streets and paths, teak tree makes captivating boulevards. Some individuals grow a couple teak trees, independently or in a little bunches for beautification of their premises as well as empty plots. There too the species emerge strongly, in this way embellishing the general scene.

Sagwan tree is vulnerable to harm by creepy crawlies and microscopic organisms. Considering Teak is so profitable a tree, the administration backwoods offices set up its seedlings in their nurseries for planting on the premises of government structures furthermore to give to individuals keen on its estate.

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