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We are providing sagwan farming in Lakhimpur,for more detail call us now :9651263333 or mail us

An energetic creating tree, with balanced crown, to a great degree variable in size, with straight stem, up to 27m/7m.

What does it resemble:

A smart creating tree, with balanced crown, to a great degree variable in size, with straight stem, up to 27m/7m. Stem in positive districts performs a sweeping size, with tall, spotless, round and empty bole, having uniform bigness, gets the opportunity to be fluted and buttressed with age.

Silvicultural Characters

An implied light-demander. Sensitive to contention, particularly roots. Contradicts dry season yet unstable to ice. Coppices and pollards vivaciously. It is not filtered, withstands wounds from cutting and fire.

Orderly directions to create:

Recoups from seeds, however the degree depends on the climatic and soil components. Favors alluvial soil for germination. Seeds are scattered through water. Warming and splashing invigorates germination. Needs protection from brushing and fire.

Nursery-brought seedlings are transplanted up in April. Seeds are sown in all around orchestrated beds in sticky domains or discouraged beds in dry districts in the midst of March-June, dependent upon the region. Seeds for each bed of 12 m x 1.2 m shifts from 5 to 12 kg dependent upon the territory. Seeds are secured and mulched, and watered in dry reaches. Watering is bit by bit diminished. Stumps from seedlings of 1-2cm thick are set up with 1.5-5.0 cm shoot and 15-25 cm taproot without flat roots and planted in the midst of storms; split-parts also give attractive results. Developed stumps raised in April in polythene-tubes give better results. Site is set up by seething the cut and, with awesome precipitation of 150cm, 2.6m x 2.6m is sensible. Dependent upon clamminess, the stumps are planted in crowbar openings or 30cm3 pits. NPK (1:2:4) is in like manner given in latertic soils.

Where to offer:

• Wood can be sold to timber sellers.

• Seeds can be sold to pharmaceutical associations for remedial courses of action.


• For soil recuperation, control of breaking down; recommended for and get to be under agro-and social officer administration. Plant harvests, which don’t adversy influence teak, for instance, maize, slant paddy, chillies, horse gram, ragi, et cetera., can be created for 1-2 years amidst teak. Similarly created for sanctuary belts, windbreaks and as wall.

• Timber : One of the most fundamental hardwoods the world over. Shafts, piles, dispatch manufacturing, an extensive variety of advancement, expansion building, coach building, railways, plots, surrounding, houses, distinctive levels of plywood, atom sheets, fire-sheets, furniture, department making, lorry-bodies, trucks, carriages, numerical instruments, violin-keys, long neck of sitar and accumulation of harmonium, provincial executes; chip sheets of appealing quality and paper for forming and printing can be made structure the waste wood-shavings. Started charcoal can be created utilizing sawdust.

• Is a tolerable fuel, yet is not used (sapwood, 4989 kcal; heartwood, 5535 kcal/kg). Charcoal can in like manner be made.

• Seeds yield an oily oil (2%), and propels hair-advancement; expel used as a cream for eye-disadvantages.

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